Hitachi Data Systems Opens Its Application Optimized Storage Lab in Bangalore

Friday Jun 30 2006, 6:26am PDT | Ritus

Hitachi Data Systems
The provider of application optimized storage solutions, Hitachi Data Systems has unveiled its Application Optimized Storage laboratory in Bangalore.

The laboratory is set up to demonstrate the storage technology and reduce the implementation cost in India.

The AOS Lab will offer the tests like configuration management, consolidation, performance management and stress tests. It will be prepared with state-of-the-art hardware and software.

It allows the customers to configure and deploy storage infrastructure, which is optimized for their applications.

The demand from customers to use the lab facility is expected to strike a symbiotic relationship between the demands of superior critical server storage solutions and the offerings of the lab.


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‘Google is Still Purchasing Dark Fiber’

Thursday Jun 29 2006, 7:29am PDT | Ritus

It is rumored in the market that Google is still purchasing dark fiber.

Alex Lightman, CEO of IP telephony vendor announced about the Google’s expenditures on dark fiber. He made this announcement while debating on the adoption of Internet Protocol Version 6 at the Burton Group’s annual Catalyst conference in San Francisco.

He observed that there is lack of support by service providers for IPv6. According to him US is focusing on the present needs of addressing not on future needs.

According to him, Google has hired Vint Cerf in September 2005 as vice president and chief Internet evangelist in order to lead the company’s IPv6 strategy. With IPv6, the Internet will be able to handle trillions of individual addresses.

According to telecom industry, the capital expenditure of Google will exceed the $800 million in 2005. The actual amount may be in the range of $1.25 billion. The some portion of this investment is going to purchase in dark fibers or unused fiber-optic telecommunications infrastructure built in the late 1990s.

Via: eWeek

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What to Do when Your Personal Information is Stolen

Tuesday Jun 27 2006, 2:27am PDT | Dharmendra

Identity theft can take place whether via dumpster diving, old-fashioned stealing, skimming credit cards or internet phishing - this happens when users’ computer is intercepted to steal personal information without his informed consent. This is considered as the most serious crime increasing in America.

Given below are some handy tips to avoid identity theft if your personal information is stolen:

(1) Be alert to denials of credit for no apparent reason and denials of credit for no apparent reason
(2) Review billing statements and financial accounts regularly for charges you did not make.
(3) Don’t hand over personal information on the phone or over the Internet
(4) Don’t carry your Social Security Card in you wallet or print it on your checks.
(5) Never click on links in unsolicited e-mails or website pop-ups
(6)Enquire about security procedures in your workplace or at businesses that collect personally identifying information.


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Linux Based Software Driving Pixar’s ‘Cars’

Saturday Jun 24 2006, 1:21am PDT | Ritus

The Pixar Animation Studio’s Linux workstations and servers are bringing animated cars to life.

The visual demands of the gaming software are forcing a technology in new world. The PC hardware is improving and giving new direction in gaming technology. The Central Processor Unit consumes the time in tracing the ray. The Ray tracing model light’s path in a frame, so that it looks like a real object is coming from appropriate light sources. Pixar is doing the basic things in animation.

The Google “Picasa” photography program made Linux to reach the destination.

Pixar has given new level of lightening to Cars. Previous films like, The Incredibles took only a fraction of time to provide even they are produced in older technology also. Pixar is using three types’ software packages, which run on Linux.

Marionette: It is an animation software system for articulating, animating and lighting; Ringmaster, a production management software system for scheduling, coordinating and tracking a computer animation project.

RenderMan: It is a rendering software system for producing a high-quality photorealistic images. It is a well-known program. It also a standard interface for modeling programs.

The Linux Picasa uses the program’s own native Windows Dynamic Link Libraries.


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Securac Releases a Acertus Module for ISO 27001/17799:2005

Friday Jun 23 2006, 2:14am PDT | Ritus

Securac, Securac Corp. announced that they have completed the Acertus module for ISO 27001/17799:2005. This new module is more improved than the original British Standards in the areas of risk assessment, decision-making management and the effectiveness of selected controls. The standard is certified guideline for information security management system.

The large technology company has chosen the Securac’s new Acertus ISO 27001/17799:2005 module for the analysis of security reviews, audits and exposure assessment of information technology systems and applications. The Acertus technology identifies security threats like misuse of data, hardware and software failure and malicious code.

This expanded capability provides a proven methodology and platform to clients taking a proactive approach to information technology security.

Via: Yahoo! Biz

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Microsoft Charged with Predatory Pricing of Security Products

Thursday Jun 22 2006, 3:37am PDT | Dharmendra

Security venders have alleged Microsoft of making use of predatory pricing policies with the intention of driving weak competitors out from the market.

The security vendors say that this will stifle innovation and competion with brutality and ‘Standard Oil-style’ pricing.

Microsoft prices its products at way below fair market value. This was evident with the release of OneCare at predatory pricing.

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Companies Are Launching Open-Source Message Queuing Protocol

Tuesday Jun 20 2006, 7:41am PDT | Ritus

A large group of companies, vendors and other organizations are planning to launch an open message queuing protocol. This will enable users to create systems, which will compete or replace proprietary technology.

JPMorgan Chase & Co., Iona Technologies, Red Hat, the Transaction Workflow Innovation Standards Team and several other organizations are planning to launch Advanced Message Queuing Protocol.

According to organization, the organization has already spent thousands of dollars in developing AMQP. The group has developed the AMQ base code. The plan is to open the AMQ protocol and then enable companies to build systems around it or embed it into their operating systems or software stacks.

The group is launching AMQP as a wire-level protocol and looking to gain support of standards organizations.

Via : eWeek

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IBM Releases SOA Business Catalog

Tuesday Jun 20 2006, 2:58am PDT | Ritus

IBM, announced that its namesake SOA Business Catalog, a services repository of sorts that allows users to search the information on SOA services. The searchable services are a combination of software code, intellectual property and industry based test practices. The catalog leads the users to IBM and its partner software, which also includes:

1. Process templates
2. Web services
3. Tools
4. Adapters
5. Integration instructions

The IBM anticipates its SOA Business Catalog, which will include approximately 3000 services across more than 15 industries. The SOA Business catalog will link to IBM WebSphere Service Registry and Repository, which stores web services or software services metadata for specific services. It also gives governance facilities, which will help in publication, discovery and management of services.

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IBM Offers R&D Services to Other Companies

Monday Jun 19 2006, 3:46am PDT | Ritus

The world’s largest computer service provider IBM is selling its running research programs for other companies. According to International Business Machines Corp., this new business will help other companies to manage their research and development departments in more efficient way.

IBM estimates that the research and development consulting market is worth approx $8 billion and it is increasing 13 per cent annually. The company will help to run their research units but would not provide the research itself.

The consultant will assess the client research and development model from various parts of company and suggest them in their research. The company will soon launch this program in America, Asia-Pacific and expanding to Europe.

The IBM new unit is part of Armonk and New York to consult the services in high price. According to surveys, the rank of research and development is eight in information technology markets, as it a source of new ideas. The company will spend approx $1 trillion annually on research and development.

Via: eweek

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The New Era of Threats Ushered in by Web 2.0 and AJAX

Monday Jun 19 2006, 2:21am PDT | Ritus

Web 2.0 bringing in new threats

Malware attacks created Web development tools like AJAX are on the rise. According to software security vendors, Web 2.0 threats may have arrived after the attack of Yamanner virus on Yahoo! Messenger.

AJAX is a technique, which combines elements of the JavaScript and XML programming languages. It allows web site developers to speed up the interactivity of the sites and help them to amplify the attacks. The Yamanner worm used the AJAX to amplify and hide the delivery of its payload and attempts to exploit helplessly in JavaScript code of Yahoo! Messenger. The JavaScript issue is a common cross-site scripting weakness.

The use of Web 2.0 technology on Yahoo! allows the user to spread worm without user interference. AJAX is used to steal IM contact information and forward the threat to other accounts.

There are many high-profile worms like Yamanner in News Corp.’s MySpace social networking site. It appears more predictable than AJAX worms.

Via: eweek

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Oracle Extending Its Integration Plan of CRM Products

Monday Jun 19 2006, 2:13am PDT | Ritus

Ed Abbo, senior vice president of CRM products at Oracle spend a years in making relations in between Siebel Systems and customer. He acquired Siebel for $5.85, now he is focusing on development plan Oracle CRM on the demand of software. Oracle has acquired almost 20 companies and all come under Abbo’s domain.

Oracle will standardize on Siebel’s CRM technology as the basis for its next-generation Fusion CRM suite of applications. Fusion brings the best of functionality from Oracle’ PeopleSoft and JD Edwards acquisitions based on the Oracle E-Business suite. Oracle ERP applications also includes Siebel CRM on Demand applications.

He told that now we are looking to capitalize more than 20 companies on which Oracle build products on retails, banking telecommunication and pharmaceuticals. It is integration among Siebel, PeopleSoft, Oracle E-Business, Retek and iFlex.

Oracle is giving the competitions to SAP by offering both options.

Via: eweek

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Mac Users Looking Forward for Booting Windows

Saturday Jun 17 2006, 3:03am PDT | Ritus

The Parallel, a Virginia-based startup has introduced the final version of its Mac virtualization software. It will begin after two months for testing. Parallels released the beta version of Parallel Desktop for Mac in April. Apple Computer launches the Boot Camp after that. It allows Intel-based Macs to boot either Windows or Mac OS X.

The Parallel system use Intel’s Virtualization Technology and built new Macs running the Intel Core Duo. It allows the software named as hypervisor to create multiple operating systems, which have all direct and simultaneous access to the hardware. All new Mac Mini, iMac and Macbook Pro machines includes VT.

Parallel is offering the software for $49.99 only for 30 days after that it will increase to $79.99. Approximately 100,000 beta testers from 71 countries will help in bugging out the test system. The software not only limited for Windows on Mac, but also it can run on Linux or other X86 based OS on Mac.

It will also support the cut and paste feature between operating system virtual machines. Still the dual-booting is superior for high performance task.

Apple has said it has no plans to offer Windows virtualization for the Mac.

Parallels is also making virtualization software for Windows and Linux machines.


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Sybase Acquires Germany-based Solonde

Friday Jun 16 2006, 6:20am PDT | Ritus

Mobile Software Maker Company Sybase, announced that it has acquired Hamburg and Germany-based Solonde, provider of leading-edge products for data integration and interface management.

According to company, spokesperson that it was all-cash transaction for a disclosed amount that closed on June 12.

Solonde’s ETL is enhancing Sybase’s enterprise strategy by providing a complete range of data integration solution to global customers.

Sybase’s is offering software for following capabilities:

1) Replication,
2) Data federation
3) Event propagation

Still some basic techniques are missing for data integration. Solonde’s ETL capabilities, certifies for SAP integration and using the grid-type architecture which comprises one data transform platform.

Sybase IQ is used for query performance and storage efficiency for structured and unstructured data.

Via: eweek

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Oracle Launches Management Systems for the Masses

Friday Jun 16 2006, 6:20am PDT | Ritus

Oracle has introduced two enterprise content management products aiming to enable corporations to move more text documents and other unstructured data into computerized repositories.

Oracle Content Database and Oracle Records Database, both are new options for Oracle Database 10g Enterprise Edition. They are designed to allow enterprise to store and retrieve many types of data like:

1) Document files
2) Including Microsoft Office
3) Text files
4) Graphics and document images
5) Company officials

Still the products are in further development which contained management platform previously it was named as ‘Tsunami’ about which Oracle is talking more than 18 months.

Via: eweek

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Windows Vista Beta: A Visual Tour

Thursday Jun 15 2006, 3:54am PDT | Ritus

The new versions of the Windows Vista Beta products has been recently released for MSDN subscribers and the members of Vista Beta Program. There are some images of Windows Vista, so that you can choose your windows before installing.

A Visual Tour of Windows Vista

The Windows Vista

The first look of Windows Vista while booting into it.

The first look of Windows Vista

Windows Media Player 11: The theme of this application matches with the default theme of Windows Vista. It gives the improved version of the Media Player. It also supports the MTP protocol.

The main window of Windows Vista now looks more attractive with nicely organized Album art providing a good visual interface for the users to select their favorite albums to play.

Attractive look of main window with Album art

After minimizing also, we can play the music. It looks more better than previous version.

Minimizing look of Window

Burning audio cds is easier with a noob-friendly drag-n-drop right-pane.

Windows Vista detects the iPod as a USB device though it gives the hint that system does not identify the iPod as a storage device.

Windows Vista detecting iPod as a USB device

It shows no music files/folders or plays anything. Just allows browsing the ‘Contact’, ‘Notes’ etc folders in it; for the rest, install and use iTunes

It supports Creative MP3 players .
Windows supporting MP3 Player

Since, these are few screenshots, but really it is quite better than previous version.

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Oracle Extends the $220 Million Tender Offer for Portal Software

Wednesday Jun 14 2006, 5:17am PDT | Ritus

Oracle HeadquartersPortal Software shareholders believe unfair about the acquisition offer from Oracle.

Oracle announced that it would extend its $220 million offer for Portal. Oracle made the new deadline for shareholders to submit their tenders till June 20 at 12:00 a.m. Eastern Standard Time. The date of previous tender was already extended from May 22 to June 6.

Approximately 50 percent or 23.2 million of Portal Software shares had been tendered to oracle at that time. Now 90 per cent shareholder can submit their tenders successfully.
According to Oracle’s officials, approximately 53 percent or 23.2 million shares have already submitted till June 7.

To proceed with the deal Oracle needs 24.675 million shares. Oracle announced that its intention to buy Portal Software, which develops billing and revenue management software for the communications industry.

Via: eweek

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Juniper Networks Announces Intrusion Prevention & Safety Management

Tuesday Jun 13 2006, 8:01am PDT | Dharmendra

Juniper Networks made an announcement of its next-generation (IDP) Intrusion Detection and Prevention platform and new safety management program which has been made to give better application visibility and control across the network.

This new IDP version 4.0 program gives higher command over the enterprise applications which are comprised with (VoIP) voice –over-Internet-protocol, cellular communications and internal (LAN) local area network, whereas Juniper Networks’ new (NSM) NetScreen Security Manager 2006.1 program gives accessible, centralized management of the enterprise safety infrastructure comprising IDP systems.

Organizations are able to find the risks brought about by recognizable and unrecognizable applications on the network with the help of pinpoint accurateness, and if once they are identified, the administrators are able to manage the power of the IDP solution to use rough control over the application, comprising (P2P) peer-to-peer, instant messaging (IM) and several additional Internet-based applications.


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IBM DB2: Attackers Can Crack the Code Without Database Credentials

Tuesday Jun 13 2006, 6:14am PDT | Ritus

Security researchers have opened a critical client/server protocol error in IBM’s DB2 database.

According to Imperva’s Application Defense Center, this protocol will allow the attacker to the database server to bring it down or they can run in any arbitrary code in DB2 Version 8. An attacker does not need any database recommendations.

Since this is network-level flaw, it attack slipped by in-built DB2 in auditing mechanism.
When IBM has to make comment on this error, the company they make question mark to Oracle company who made slogan ‘Unbreakable’.

IBM, released that there is no database which has unbreakable code.

Now IBM development team is working continuously on various security factors to evaluate their code and detect potential problems.

Via : eweek

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Will Windows Vista’s Increase Battery Life?

Tuesday Jun 13 2006, 5:51am PDT | Ritus

Windows Vista is ready with its twins based on flash memory technology to improve the notebook support and booting performance.

These twins are:

1. ReadyBoost
2. ReadyDrive

Microsoft is going to put a brand on these technologies at the WinHEC conference. The pairing is in between Windows Vista and storage vendors, showing their support with prototype drives and even product announcements.
ReadyBoost will allow Vista users plug in a compatible USB thumb drive that is used as a special RAM cache in the system. Instead of frequently using files and resources from the hard-drive, it is easy to take from cache that will improve booting of data types.

The most important thing is that ReadyBoost will stop the usage of drive, which will improve the power performance when running on battery power.

The USB port is fine with desktop uses bit is quite difficult for the mobile applications.

Via : eweek

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How to Protect Against Identity Theft

Monday Jun 12 2006, 9:11am PDT | Dharmendra

Privacy is the issue that is always expected to be secret, and when it comes to the Internet world, it becomes indispensable as your personal details are in constant fear of theft. Filters for spyware, phishing and e-mail are now thought to be as standard features on e-mail and browsers clients. If you are not wary enough to protect yourselves, it may cause to your identity theft. Luckily, but following the given below safety measures you can avoid being a victim.

(1) Do not plaster your personal information on e-mails, logs, and homepage.

(2) Check the privacy policy of the website or mailing list being subscribed by you.

(3) Don’t give your e-mail address, other important personal information freely, online or offline.

(4) Do a keyword search on Google or other search engines for your name or E-mail address.


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